The power of acceptance and curiosity when training a horse.

It’s interesting to think about horses growing and changing mentally.
I think it is often overlooked.
We visually see their bodies grow.
And we know the they learn or accept training or advance.

But how often do we really stop and think about how much they change.

One of my favorite part of training is holding these two truths at the same time: 1) this horse naturally ‘wired’ a certain way and he is likely to return to this
2) I can influence this horse a lot…especially if I look at him as an individual

One of my favorite video projects was Stacy’s Video Diary: Jac because I actually captured this transformation on video. In episode three he was ‘asking questions’ like, “If I stand on my hind legs, spin around, and run…what will you do about it?”
And a year later he is easily doing flying lead changes on a loose rein.
That’s the power of acceptance and curiosity combined.



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