I help riders become confident, communicate clearly and get results with their horses.

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Do you have a Clear Communication System?

If you want to communicate more clearly with your horse a great place to start is with understanding the cues or aids you are using.

I teach riders using simple patterns that clearly illustrate which cues or aids you are currently using as well as if you are over-using, under-using or mis-using any cues.

In my course you will gain a greater understand the way that the horses experience each aid.

You'll recognize the moments where you may be using conflicting cues (which is often why horses seem resistant).

You will see the progression of the horses training from the first ride all the way to bridleless riding so you can clearly see the system.

Plus, live weekly calls where you can ask your questions live.

Train your own horse with Confidence


Transform doubt into confidence.

Do you have a nagging feeling that you could achieve more with your horse…but you’re not sure what the next step is?

Does training your own horse feel overwhelming at times?

Have you found yourself thinking ‘just being with my horse’ is enough…but you wish you could also have more?

I have faced all of these issues at some point on my own journey. Thankfully, I found solutions and I want to share them with you!

What would change if you felt doubt creeping in... but you had a plan for how to overcome it?

What if next time you headed to the barn…and things didn’t go as planned…and you felt curious and open instead of frustrated?

What would it be like to consistently reach the goals that mean the most to you?

Inside my course I teach riders how to manage their minds around riding. Here is a breakthrough that Allison had after one of our Zoom calls.

"Stacy- Thanks so much for the zoom call on creating a training plan. I took your suggestion regarding writing down the plan AND all the resistances to that plan that my mind offered. My mind apparently has a LOT of obstacles identified:

  • "This is taking a lot of effort (just to create the plan)"
  • "There's not enought time to do everything I am planning"
  • "This is too much riding for Josie (my 4 year old)"
  • "This won't leave enough time to work Peanut (my 2 year old)"
  • "Pirate (my 6 year old) will get resistant toward the end of all this work"
  • "What if Pirate is still not 'getting it'?"(we are currently struggling with Right lead departure "Oh, but I want to move on to other exercises, shouldn't we move on?"
  • "But video set up is such a pain and it takes a long time!"
  • "Won't Josie get bored?"
  • "isn't that too many transitions in a row to plan?"
  • "shouldn't I just jump to what we are stuck on? (right lead departures)"
  • "Isn't 10 too many?"
  • "More videoing?...geesh!"
  • Identifying and paying attention to all these resistances has somehow made it easier to stick to my plan the last 3 riding sessions! I spent more than my allotted half hour that you suggested, but it was my first time actually trying to plan out how I would ride 2 horses in April.

Next iteration of creating a training plan will likely take me less time, so I look forward to it.

You really are helping me to train my own horses and I am enjoying it. thank you 🙂

-Allison L.


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