Many people feel stuck when training their own horse. I teach people how to understand, enjoy and successfully train their own horses.

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No matter how you prefer to learn...I've got you covered.

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I hope you find as much satisfaction and enjoyment with horses as I have.

Ride with Faith,

Stacy Westfall

New Teaching!

Is this class for you?

This is for you if...

  • Do you want to understand the whole steering you could figure out what to work on next?
  • Do you feel confused at times about which aid to use when?
  • Do you wish you could simplify the aids you're giving your horse?
  • Does your horse seem frustrated...and you suspect your inconsistency could be to blame?

In this course, Stacy clearly explains the stages of training, the techniques in each stage, how she uses them and why.

She shows examples of horses that are confused and frustrated as well as the appropriate way to handle them.

If you are a rider who strives to understand training from the horses point of view, with actionable instructions on how to train your own horse, this course is for you.

Online Events!

Workshop #1- Goal Setting & Problem Solving- available now!

Workshop #2- Coming July 21, 2020: Leadership & Communication

Workshop #3- Coming October 20, 2020-Teamwork & Feedback

Bonus: Any online participant will receive one free ticket to an in-person event to be held October 21, 2020 at Stacy Westfall's barn! This will be a day of auditing and participating in an equine facilitated learning experience.

  • you are open to the idea that changing the way you approach a challenge can change the outcome
  • you would enjoy spending the day in a learning environment with other horse people
  • you would like to increase your confidence even when you face setbacks
  • you would like to be more effective at reaching your business & personal goals
  • you have listened to Stacy's teaching materials (podcast, emails, videos) and would like to learn more

Come to one or come to them all!

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