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New clinic dates listed in the link below!

Let's Ride Together... Foundation & Advancing Clinics

Are you achieving the results you’ve been dreaming of with your horse?

Whether you are unclear about the training process or have the desire to take your understanding to the next level, we can help.

Come and experience hands-on learning. We will explain the full process, identify where you are stuck, and give you exercises to advance.

We welcome people who have been learning for years as well as those who are newer.


Online Learning- Self Study Courses available.

If you've been consuming Stacy's free content; blogs, podcast, YouTube...and you are ready for more this is a great choice.

You can purchase the entire Video Vault or an individual subject. Those who purchase the entire vault will have access to additional bonus content including video Q&A sessions with Stacy.

Throughout the year Stacy will periodically be updating these online courses and offering live Q&A sessions inside the Video Vault. Anyone who owns the Vault will have immediate access to these bonus items!

Available for the first time in digital format, this valuable library of training material can be easily accessed from any digital device so you can conveniently watch, learn, and do!

Online Coaching Programs

Tested and loved by clinic participants this option is now available to YOU!

For a limited time, Stacy is booking online coaching open to anyone. This option has been limited to past clinic participants in the past but is now open to anyone who would like to try it.


Stacy Westfall's barn

VIP - Spend the Day with Stacy

I created this for people who want to come to learn from me but may have questions or interests outside of a clinic. If the primary goals are with you and your horse then I recommend a two-day clinic for $1,500 (these are not private, although they are nearly private with only two riders)

The package VIP package includes a full day of one-on-one mentoring with me, here at my home & barn. We would meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and custom design the rest of the day to meet individual goals.

Although the day can be structured so you may bring your horse, the real target is for people who are interested in an intensive one-on-one learning environment. Learning with your horse is awesome but is also limited by the speed the horse learns. We can cover subjects as broad as having or improving a career you have in the horse, planning long term and short term goals and of course time in the barn. I can use horses to answer questions and depending on the goals, there is also the opportunity to ride my horses if appropriate.

The cost of the VIP day is $2,000.

Ride with Faith,

Stacy Westfall