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Stacy handles most of her questions through Facebook and her ever growing blog that can be viewed BLOG PAGE of this website .

 For questions concerning products, orders, etc. please contact Stagecoach West at or 1-800-648-1121.

For horse training questions, please search the blog section of this website. Stacy frequently answers questions from people both on her blog and on her Facebook page.

To schedule Stacy at an event please include in the subject line UPCOMING EVENT. Stacy books 90% of her events at least 6 months in advance.
To become a Dealer of Stacy Westfall DVDs and/or horse training equipment please call Weaver Leather at 1-800-932-8371
To redeem your tag for your FREE Weaver Ride Safely On the Trail DVD please visit
Otherwise please note that this email is flooded with messages which make it difficult to find specific emails in a timely fashion. If you feel that your email question is not addressed by the above topics please send an email with the subject line NEW TOPIC.

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