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Episode 53: Saddle Fit and Challenges

[00:00:22] Hi, I'm Stacy Westfall, and I'm here to teach you how to understand, enjoy and successfully train your own horses in ...

Episode 52: Bridles, Headstalls, Bits & Reins

[00:00:33] In this season of the podcast I'm talking about tack. Today's podcast I'm focused on the bridle, which includes the head ...

Episode 51: Tack: Halters, Lead Ropes, Lunge Lines

“You're working towards having a horse that has an understanding and then it's less about the equipment.” Stacy Westfall Click To Tweet ...

Choosing a halter for your horse

  In this quick video, I want to show you four halters you would find if you walked into my barn. You ...

Live Q&A call in opportunity!

I remember when I was growing up that I could call into a radio station to win prizes or to ask questions. ...

Episode 50: Finding Work/Life Balance with Stacy Westfall and Ginny Telego

Click To Tweet   I am live today with Ginny Telego recording from the Loko Bean in Loudonville, Ohio. Today is a ...

Episode 49: Q&A: Changing Horse’s Habits, Sell or Keep, Hobble Training and Riding Bareback

“If a horse doesn't understand something, it may use an undesirable behavior as an escape route.” Stacy Westfall Click To Tweet I ...

Episode 48: Multiple Riders & Training Secrets

“My satisfaction comes from educating the horse, so I'm putting the education of the horse above the outcome of the show or ...

Episode 47: Locking and Unlocking Traits in Your Horse

“There are ways to make certain behaviors easier to access and ways to make certain behaviors harder to access.” Stacy Westfall Click ...

Episode 46: 5 Tips for Bringing Up Your Horses Energy

“What you do with your body and your mind is going to be reflected in the horse's body and mind.” Stacy Westfall ...

Episode 45: Whoa! Teaching Your Horse to Stop.

“You'll know you've taken enough slack out of the reins when the horse is showing some kind of sign of recognition.” Stacy ...

Episode 44: How Can I Improve My Horse’s Lope or Canter?

  One of the top issues that I get questions about is improving a lope or canter and doing it safely. In ...

Words from our Fans

My dream was to learn to train reining prospect from start to finish. I'd about given up, and then I found Stacy.


Before I worked with Stacy, other trainers and coaches had left me with the impression that my horse was strong-headed, not a very good horse, and that I'd always have to fight with her. Thanks to Stacy, I know none of that is true.


About Stacy

Growing up, I shared a love of horses with my mother but neither of us knew what we were doing. Over the years we dealt with horses that wouldn’t load into trailers, wouldn’t pick up their leads and wouldn’t stand still to be mounted. I fell off more times than I could count and was bitten, stepped on and run away with before I was old enough to drive a car. There were many, many good times too. My favorite childhood memories all involve horses (and one ornery pony.)

It took me years to develop to the point where I became a successful competitor in a male-dominated industry. The beauty of this is that it proved that true strength is a mental game more than a physical one.

I believe in creating win-win-win relationships. I can show you how to reach your goals faster if you’re willing to put in the work. Whether you love trail riding, have goals of showing or would someday love to understand bridleless riding, I can show you the way.

…and yes I still clean stalls."


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