Tevis Cup: Will you join me?

Before you decide ‘yes’ you will join me, or ‘no thanks’…let me explain.

What is the Tevis Cup…and what is the Tevis Cup virtual challenge?

The Tevis Cup, also known the Western States Trail Ride, is the oldest modern day endurance ride, having been held annually since 1955.

The goal: One horse, one rider, 100-Mile in One-Day.

I have TOTAL RESPECT for those who condition themselves and their horses and compete in the ride. Not every horse and rider is up for that type of a challenge…however…there is…

The Tevis Cup Virtual Challenge. This began as a result of Covid, and has become a FUN way to compete and support the Tevis Cup as a FUNdraiser.

The goal: One horse, one rider, 100 days…to complete 100 miles. (Willow agreed this sounds much more doable)

I’m doing it! Will you join me?
When I signed up, it gave me the option of creating a team…so I did!
If you decide to join me, when you sign up, be sure to join ‘Team Westfall’ when you get to that page.

You are allowed to ride your horse, lead your horse, drive your horse…you can ride inside and arena, around your pasture, or head out on the trails…or any combination over the 100 day period.

Full rules and the link to sign up can be found by clicking here.

I entered and created a team. When you get to this page, select ‘Team Westfall’ and join me!

When you get to this page, select ‘yes’ and you will see a drop down of team choices. Join ‘Team Westfall’! I also selected to get the tee shirt and the medal!



  1. Christine, near Ottawa Canada on April 12, 2024 at 11:52 pm

    Hi Stacy,
    I have signed up with my 23-year-old mare who just came to me in September 2023, my first horse after loving horses for my life (I’m 63.) Normally I don’t handle them when it is windy, but today, I thought, I gotta do it, so I haltered her up and we walked, with my 14-year-old excited-by-wind gelding, charging about. Several times I was able to stop her, quiet him, and then continue. I learned a ton.
    Your podcast has been a godsend, especially the episode “To those who have been pursuing their dreams”. Everything shifted when I listened to that episode 2 weeks ago, and I have not cried since, which might be the longest tear-free period in my ownership of my two horses. I joined Team Westfall to say THANK YOU for these thoughtful, superbly organized podcasts that have shifted my thinking in many positive ways, I’m listening to all of them from the beginning, but just lucked out that I clicked on the current episode this week. Thanks again!

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