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Stocking Stuffer idea

  • Stacy’s ‘Chase Your Dreams’ DVD-

Have you ever wondered where Stacy Westfall came from, what influenced her choices and how she ended up as the first woman to ever compete in AND WIN the Road to the Horse colt starting competition?

In this DVD Stacy gives a touching account of her life, delivered while riding bareback and bridleless, at the 2006 Road to the Horse event. See childhood photos and hear Stacy describe growing up in Maine, how she became involved in freestyle reining and how she decided to begin competing bridleless.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or are just curious about where this horsewoman comes from, this account of how she chased – and caught- her dream is a must have.

  • Stacy’s Egg & Spoon —–  Click here to watch Stacy’s Egg and Spoon Video
    • One of Stacy’s favorite training tools
    • Egg and spoon helps you work on focus while improving posture, seat position and balance.
    • Balancing the egg helps you focus on keeping your hands steady and improving your seat.
    • The tool has a blue handle with three interchangeable cups and an attached black ball.
    • The interchangeable cups come in three depths to offer varying levels of difficulty.
    • This tool is also great practice for egg and spoon events at horse shows.
  • Trading Cards with Stacy’s signature on them-

a personalized stocking stuffer signed by Stacy!


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  1. jennifercretens on December 20, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Ahhh you make it look SOOOO easy! LOL – I like the concept of this and for a 53 year old beginner rider, being aware of my balance (or lack thereof) is a challenge! I plan to order the egg & spoon for my training time.

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No one taught you the skills you need to work through these things.

Riders often encounter self-doubt, fear, anxiety, frustration, and other challenging emotions at the barn. The emotions coursing through your body can add clarity, or can make your cues indistinguishable for your horse.

Learning these skills and begin communicating clearly with your horse.

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