Episode 292: You are Invited: Two Invitations Horses Offer Riders

In this podcast episode, Stacy Westfall introduces the concept of viewing a horse’s behavior as an “invitation” that riders can choose to accept or decline. She explains that horses often present two types of invitations to riders:

– Emotional invitations: When a horse becomes anxious, jumpy, or displays a particular emotional state, it can be seen as an invitation for the rider to join that emotional state.
– Training invitations: Horses may also invite riders to use certain aids or respond in specific ways during training or riding. For example, a lazy horse might invite the rider to do more work to maintain energy, while a hot horse might invite the rider to constantly apply the brakes.

Stacy encourages riders to:

– Recognize these invitations from their horses
– Become aware of their default responses to these invitations
– Consider choosing a different, more productive response
– Look for invitations during their next 10 rides
– Aim to break habitual patterns by responding intentionally to their horse’s cues.


  1. Carol Coleman on June 19, 2024 at 10:46 pm

    Hi Stacy!!
    Just watched and watched one your videos!!
    Totally awestruck!
    I’m a 74 year old woman who loves all animals!!!
    Grew up in inner city Cleveland in a huge household and riding horses was a bit out of our budget, but I take time to visit friends with horses!
    Just to be able to pet, wash and clean!
    Just to be around those magnificent animals!!
    Anyway, you are an inspiration!!
    Thank you for reading this!
    My name is Carol Coleman

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