Episode 290-The Power of Touch: Building Connection Through Contact

In this episode, Stacy emphasizes the importance of establishing contact with horses in order to achieve connection. Contact refers to physical touch, whether direct or through tools like reins or whips. Connection, on the other hand, has two meanings: the flow of energy through the horse’s body in dressage, and the relationship bond between horse and human.
Through examples with her foals, show horses, and dressage horses, Stacy illustrates how contact precedes connection.

Key takeaways:

  • With foals, she uses scratches to build positive associations with touch.
  • For sensitive show horses, resetting cues with firmer contact can alleviate anxiety.
  • To advance, riders must feel the horse’s body to harness the energy flow, but this requires the horse’s training progression.
  • From ground work to riding, contact training enables connection

Overall, Stacy stresses the necessity of contact to foster a willing, connected partnership.

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