Episode 161: The power of “I don’t know how…”

The phrase “I don’t know how” is often said with a sense of defeat but it can also be freeing. ‘I don’t know how…but I’m going for it anyway.’
What if it means you are ready to learn?
If you do decide to go for it…you’ll likely experience ‘want’, as in wanting it.
‘Want’ can be uncomfortable and is often tangled together with disappointment, failure, and self criticism.
Have you ever practiced ‘wanting’? I’ll share an example of a way to develop the strength to sit with pure WANT…

Episode 160: Yearly theme instead of goal?

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  1. Kaye Delaibau on December 15, 2021 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Stacey, I’ve listened to all of your podcasts multiple times and I’m learning so much! Thank you!! I’m 67 years on this planet and started working with horses at 59. I have a Navajo Pony (16 hands high 😆) and a BLM mustang from Nevada, both were ‘gift horses’ (read problem horses). As you can imagine I’ve bitten off a LOT. But we are coming along…it’s an amazing adventure in every way.
    Anyway, I am loving this season. You can’t imagine how timely it is for me. Every new episode hits another nail on the head. This is actually in response to 161 and I created this picture for my online vision board. I thought I would share it with you. Pass it on if you want to 😊🐎❣️
    Kaye in Flagstaff Az

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