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Episode 41: True Forward Motion in a Horse

“When we took our horses trail riding, they would go through the mud and the stream. These horses had learned true forward ...

Episode 40: Why I Do Not Disengage My Horse’s Hips

“Disengagement is going to have the front end of the horse planted and engagement is going to still have forward motion with ...

Episode 39: The Two Most Basic Cues When Riding a Horse

“If people start in high school, they don't really understand that the horses could be controlled by the single rein.” Stacy Westfall ...

Episode 38: Rewarding Physical and Mental Changes in Your Horse

“Being able to recognize the difference between physical timing and mental timing is very important.” Stacy Westfall Click To Tweet Timing is ...

Episode 37: Do This During Groundwork With Your Horse

“When a horse is on the line, I want to keep them out of my space and ask them to turn and ...

Episode 36: 3 Reasons to Do Groundwork With Your Horse

“There is a conversation happening between the horse and rider even if it just looks like a horse and rider are just ...

Episode 35: The Reason We Are Fascinated With the Horses Body

“We see our horses minds reflected in our horses body.” Stacy Westfall Click To Tweet Subscribe For Free! Welcome to Season 4 ...

Episode 34: Learned Helplessness and Working Horses

“At the end of the day, you get to choose the line of what you believe. Do know, you need to like ...

Episode 33: Listener Question: How Do I Peak My Horses Performance for a Show?

“Rock the teeter-totter of bringing the horse into a physical and mental state of being ready, but not too ready.” Stacy Westfall ...

I have structured my podcast in 'seasons' that focus on a particular subject. The last episode or two in a season are often focused on answering questions that people have asked about the subject.

Season 1 (episodes 1-11) covers the Riders Mind. Topics include fear, failure, goals, mindset, competency and more.

Season 2 (episodes 12-21) covers the Riders Body. Topics include riders aids, strength, flexibility, breaking habits, muscle memory, bareback riding and more.

Season 3 (episodes 22-34) covers the Horses Mind. Topics include underestimating your horse, how a horse asks questions, training routines, correcting behavior and more.

Season 4 (episodes 35-49) covers the Horse's Body. Topics include forward motion, teaching whoa, disengaging vs engaging, improving steering, hot horses and more.

Episode 50 is a special episode discussing work life balance.

Season 5 is focused on tack and equipment.

Season 6 is focused on how I put these techniques and ideas into use with my horses.

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About Stacy

Growing up, I shared a love of horses with my mother but neither of us knew what we were doing. Over the years we dealt with horses that wouldn’t load into trailers, wouldn’t pick up their leads and wouldn’t stand still to be mounted. I fell off more times than I could count and was bitten, stepped on and run away with before I was old enough to drive a car. There were many, many good times too. My favorite childhood memories all involve horses (and one ornery pony.)

It took me years to develop to the point where I became a successful competitor in a male-dominated industry. The beauty of this is that it proved that true strength is a mental game more than a physical one.

I believe in creating win-win-win relationships. I can show you how to reach your goals faster if you’re willing to put in the work. Whether you love trail riding, have goals of showing or would someday love to understand bridleless riding, I can show you the way.

…and yes I still clean stalls."


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