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Stacy’s Video Diary: Jac…New Beginnings

Life has many twists and turns and I am constantly intrigued by the directions it takes. When I started my journey with Jac it was a personal milestone for me. It was accepting what had happened with Roxy and seeing that I had something to offer Jac. I tried to imagine what it would be…

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Do horses wear different sizes of sliding shoes? Jac review week sponsored by Weaver Leather

“So…. about the sliders….. Do they come in different sizes?? …. cuz you said Jac was was getting “baby sliders” on in episode 26….aren’t they regular shoes hammered smoothly?? ……so my question is.. do the sliding shoes come in small… medium and large???…. are there different thicknesses??-Lesia L.” The difference I was referencing is…

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Itchy Foals vs Scratchy Trees…Cute!

The mares here on Mike and Holly’s ranch have been foaling. I am fascinated with watching them in the fields as the foals are out with many other mares and foals as well as the yearlings. This video was filmed on one day when all of the foals were trying to figure out how to…

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