Episode 245: Why does it work one day, then not the next?

Training a horse involves creating a language between horse and rider.
It is very common for a horse to be somewhat guessing at the answer at times during this process. 
Your response to their best guess, is what helps them narrow down to the one correct answer. 
If you are consistent…

This language includes your cue system: how you use your legs, seat, reins, voice…and the way you show up: focused, unfocused, etc.

If your horse is unsure, he will often guess from some of the things they have most recently been rewarded for….or what he likes best.

You are refining a language with a HORSE.
If you stay consistent, the horse will use a process of elimination to determine which answer is the correct one.

If the horse is CONSISTENTLY guessing the wrong answer…then they are confused, then you must change something to help them get closer to the correct answer.
Listen to this episode for the full explanation.


  1. Martina Brown on August 10, 2023 at 2:58 pm

    Thanks for the information! The day I brought Elsie out to the big arena for the first time since she had Joseph it seemed she had no idea how to trot the 4 leaf clover pattern even though she knew it back in June. Joseph was running around, I was watching him, she was watching him…not focused at all on what I really wanted her to do…fast forward to the next day… different outlook on the training session… Joseph still running around, however my focus was on her, her focus was on me, she trotted the 4-leaf clover and I even got a few canter departures. 😁. Super happy!!

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