Episode 244: Why ride patterns? (especially boring ones)

Simply put: a pattern is a planned ride.
When you ride with a plan…you’ll begin to show up consistent.
The more consistent you are…the easier it is for your horse to become consistent.

The magic of riding a pattern, especially a simple, boring pattern, is that it allows the rider to begin to observe their habits and their horse’s habits. The most common habit often revealed is a riders’ lack of preparation in transitions.

The opposite of riding a pattern is riding randomly.
How can you tell if you are riding randomly?

  • You’ll make last-minute decisions.
  • You’ll cue quickly…and with very little preparation.
  • This will reflect in your horse as resistance such as head tossing, etc.

How would you benefit from riding 10 minutes a day on a ‘boring’ pattern?
What might you learn?

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