Episode 243: Why should I bend my horse? (and why you avoid asking more questions)

In this podcast, I discuss two ideas, the challenge of asking questions, and ‘why bend?’

The theme of this season of the podcast is, “No question is too small.” Today, I explain:

  • why riders don’t ask more questions
  • why the teacher might hesitate before answering
  • what the moment of awkwardness could really be

Why bend?

  • why you might skip bending
  • why you might half-heartedly bend
  • how bend increases safety and reduces bucking, rearing and bolting
  • why bend improves balance
  • advancing: the balance of bend and straightness


Do you have a seemingly simple question you’d like to ask?

Email me, you can even stay anonymous.
Ask your question because others will learn from it. Often times people don’t realize they have a question, until they hear it, and immediately identify with the question.


  1. Terri Anderson on July 12, 2023 at 9:55 pm

    Stacy, I have been using my hospital time to catch up on podcasts !! This podcast on bending it sooo good! I will definitely be needing to go back to basics when I get to a place I can ride again.
    Your voice is so clear, concise, and pleasant!
    And you have been so positive with me and my horses in the past! I just have to get past this blood thing and will be able to ride again!!

  2. Colleen Spada on July 12, 2023 at 6:40 pm

    This podcast was a confidence booster for me and my granddaughter. We both hesitate and sorry we did most of the time. Great conversation between us! Thanks for sharing.

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