#Horsie : take a selfie style photo with your horse



As soon as I read the email I knew I was going to open the attachment:

“I remembered one of Stacy’s blogs that talked about “terrible horse pictures” especially when you take those “head on shots”.  Well this is certainly one of those!”


You can tell that Gus is clearly enjoying his ‘horsie’ photo with his owner.

After seeing the photo I also knew that I was going to try this. I’m terrible at selfies BUT add a horse and I’m fine with looking terrible, especially if it turns out funny.

Lets start a movement! Take a selfie, um, or should I say horsie with your horse and post it. Remember to use the #horsie when you upload, tag or post.

I can’t wait to see your #horsie online!

I need longer arms! No matter what angle I go for I can't seem to get both of us!

I need longer arms! No matter what angle I go for I can’t seem to get both of us!

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