Episode 233- Are you riding reactively or proactively?

I asked riders this question, “”Is there a feeling you really struggle with that seems to be affecting your riding?”

These are a few of the answers: self doubt, battling negative thoughts, imposter syndrome, inadequate, anxious, nervous, anticipating problems, judging myself, sad, frustration (time frame…taking longer than expected), lack of confidence, anxiety, fear, fear, annoyed, ashamed, mental exhaustion, short tempered, unsure, lack trust, annoyed, disappointment, frustration, uncertainty, worry, low self esteem, depression, frustration, anger, grief, alone, tense, overwhelmed, doubt, (time frame), lack of confidence, defeat, self-pity, dependence, guilt, frustration

In this podcast, I share:

  • the problem with denying negative emotions
  • five signs you may be a reactive rider
  • what reactive riders create
  • traits of a proactive rider
  • the skills you need to become a proactive rider

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