Work easy horses as much as the hard ones.

floating horseIt is tempting to work difficult horses more; longer, more frequent, more consistent and sometimes harder, than the naturally quiet horses. In reality they often need this. Some are like troublesome teenagers who need to be kept busy just to keep them out of trouble.

But don’t overlook the quiet one. Just because he is naturally quiet doesn’t make him less deserving of your time, effort and energy. In fact, these are often the hidden gems that when polished outshine the rest.


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  1. Firn Hyde on June 27, 2015 at 12:26 am

    Maybe I’m just lazy or chicken, but I often work the quiet horses longer… because it’s easier, and more fun, and we can progress faster than with difficult horses. It’s only when I’m under severe time pressure that I find myself cutting their sessions short in order to hurry on to the horses who absolutely *must* be worked for longer periods.

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