What color were Roxy’s foals? What would Jac produce?

Roxy's Foal

Roxy’s Foal

After seeing a photo of Roxy’s foal, Gwhiz I’m Smart (Roxter) an interesting question came through on Facebook; “I’m wondering do any of Roxy’s offspring have the darker color coat like Roxy? And can Jac breed black?”

Horse colors are fascinating and predicting them is even more so. A Color Calculatorfew years ago when we were breeding Vaquero I found a website with a pretty cool coat color calculator, Animal Genetics. Enter the color of the sire, the color of the dam and then follow the instructions. They offer genetic testing to improve your knowledge of your horses ‘color makeup’.

By the way, Roxy had three foals: two with a sorrel stallion-producing a bay filly and a sorrel stallion; one with a bay stallion-producing a sorrel; and one more by a different sorrel stallion producing another sorrel. You can check the math.

Just remember the old saying, “A good horse is never a bad color.”

A good horse is never a bad color.


  1. […] is a complicated subject most of the time. I wrote a blog about what colors Roxy produced which also included a link to a “coat color calculator” which is an interesting tool to […]

  2. Shari Reffi on October 17, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    What were the names of the stallions? And what are the names of her offspring?

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