Relationship building with your horse…the unchosen path of injury or sickness

Relationship building…the unchosen path.

Building relationships requires some amount of focused time. I’ve observed this with both horses and humans. Here is an excerpt from yesterdays podcast,

“Now, there is another way that I have seen people build relationship with their horses and you might run into it, but it is not one you would typically choose, but it also illustrates relationship building kind of well.
I’ve had horses that get sick or injured and I have found that I then spend a lot of time with my horses. And what’s really fascinating, if you think about it, if you’ve got a horse that gets injured, you often spend very focused time with them.
Now you’re out in the barn, you’re clearly not going after show or trail riding goals, you’re just nursing this horse back to health. And let’s just say the horse has to have stall rest and hand walking. You know what happens? A lot of time spent with a very specific goal of getting them better and lots of little steps that you’re vet or farrier or a combination of both gave you.
And you know what’s really interesting? Oftentimes the relationship with your horse grows during that moment because, like it or not, you got a very specific set of conditions, a goal, lots of steps, and time on a regular basis with your horse. Now, personally, I’d rather set more fun goals than nursing the injured horse back.”

Injuries and sickness are not things I want to sign up for…but they might have lessons they can teach us. We are often consistent, compassionate, and epithetic while also insisting that the sick or injured horse complies with the prescribed treatment.

Imagine if we approached our training sessions with that same thinking.

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