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Episode 99-HELP: My horse REALLY connects to other horses when trail riding…

A listener calls in with a question about her horse who gets very worked up on trail rides with too many other ...

Episode 98- Teaching your horse to be a thinking participant

Sometimes horses are trained to operate more like robots-‘don't think, just do what I say’. Other times horses are left to make ...

Episode 97: Separating rider issues from horse issues when trail riding

Question: How can I reduce my horse's reactivity to noise when trail riding? The answer involves separating the issue into smaller parts ...

Episode 96: How can I train my horse to ride safely near traffic?

Riding near traffic can be challenging. Your horse must deal with vehicles of varying sizes, traveling at speed, and making loud noises. ...

Episode 95: Help, my horse has emotional outbursts on the trail

“Is there a way to teach emotional control to a horse? He is super quiet when ridden alone. When ridden in groups ...

Episode 94-Reducing anxiety during trail rides

A listener asks for some advice on how to reduce her horse's anxiety…and hers…when out on the trails. The discussion includes riding ...

Episode 93: When horses freak out at the idea of trail riding.

In this podcast, I list the three steps I use for building a horse's confidence and discuss the words 'composure' and 'pressure'. ...

Episode 92: Building a horses confidence on the trails

  How do horses develop confidence on the trails? Does confidence come from riding with another confident horse? Are some horses just ...

Episode 91: The most common MISTAKE people make trail riding

Take a moment and think about what YOU think might be the biggest problem or most common mistake you see when out ...

I have structured my podcast in 'seasons' that focus on a particular subject. The last episode or two in a season are often focused on answering questions that people have asked about the subject.

Season 1 (episodes 1-11) covers the Riders Mind. Topics include fear, failure, goals, mindset, competency and more.

Season 2 (episodes 12-21) covers the Riders Body. Topics include riders aids, strength, flexibility, breaking habits, muscle memory, bareback riding and more.

Season 3 (episodes 22-34) covers the Horses Mind. Topics include underestimating your horse, how a horse asks questions, training routines, correcting behavior and more.

Season 4 (episodes 35-49) covers the Horse's Body. Topics include forward motion, teaching whoa, disengaging vs engaging, improving steering, hot horses and more.

Episode 50 is a special episode discussing work life balance.

Season 5 is focused on tack and equipment.

Season 6 is focused on how I put these techniques and ideas into use with my horses.

Season 7 is listener Q&A.

Season 8 is interviews with other equine professionals.

Season 9 is Trail Riding!

Season 10 topics are around the Riders Mind.

Season 11 is listener Q&A.

Season 12 is going to the next level, collection, maturity, etc.

Season 13 brings many concepts together discussing physical awareness, skill confidence vs self confidence, patterns, being awkward, etc.

Season 14 discusses life coaching principals, goal setting, and other riders mind issues.

Season 15 is listener Q&A.

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About Stacy

Growing up, I shared a love of horses with my mother but neither of us knew what we were doing. Over the years we dealt with horses that wouldn’t load into trailers, wouldn’t pick up their leads and wouldn’t stand still to be mounted. I fell off more times than I could count and was bitten, stepped on and run away with before I was old enough to drive a car. There were many, many good times too. My favorite childhood memories all involve horses (and one ornery pony.)

It took me years to develop to the point where I became a successful competitor in a male-dominated industry. The beauty of this is that it proved that true strength is a mental game more than a physical one.

I believe in creating win-win-win relationships. I can show you how to reach your goals faster if you’re willing to put in the work. Whether you love trail riding, have goals of showing or would someday love to understand bridleless riding, I can show you the way.

…and yes I still clean stalls."


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