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Episode 173: Teaching a foal to be bold

A listener calls in and asks reports that she can only touch her nine-month-old foal if she is holding food. In this ...

Episode 172-What to do with feelings like terrified and scared

“I’m terrified to ride her. I'm terrified to be in the pasture with her. I'm terrified to screw her up. I'm scared ...

Episode 171: Positive and negative tension in riders

HELP! “My horse “flinches” at everything. I mean everything – including me sniffing. Somedays are worse than others. My trainer has kindly ...

Episode 170: Can you change the story in your head about a horse or is it time to move on?

A listener asks a question about ‘changing the story in your head about a horse…and knowing when it's time to move on.’ ...

Episode 169: Fearful horses: instinct, training, speed of learning and accidental rewards.

Today, I’m answering two questions about fearful horses. I’ll discuss the dance I see between the natural flight instinct, training, a horse's ...

Connecting the Mind and Body of Horse and Rider: An interview with Stacy Westfall

Calling all podcast listeners (or those interested learning how riders often limit their results with their horses accidentally)... Barbra Schulte had a ...

Episode 168: Q&A: ‘I need help getting my horse to bend’; groundwork & ridden

Why do some horses resist bending in the direction of the circle when being lunged or ridden? Two listeners called in asking ...

Episode 167-Things to consider when prepping for first big horse show

A listener asks about how to prepare her 4 year old for his first big horse show. Topics discussed when answering include: ...

Episode 166-Goal Setting & Overcoming Obstacles Starter Kit

Obstacles can become stepping stones to your dreams! In this podcast I’ll discuss; Why people avoid setting goals or quit, the role ...

I have structured my podcast in 'seasons' that focus on a particular subject. The last episode or two in a season are often focused on answering questions that people have asked about the subject.

Season 1 (episodes 1-11) covers the Riders Mind. Topics include fear, failure, goals, mindset, competency and more.

Season 2 (episodes 12-21) covers the Riders Body. Topics include riders aids, strength, flexibility, breaking habits, muscle memory, bareback riding and more.

Season 3 (episodes 22-34) covers the Horses Mind. Topics include underestimating your horse, how a horse asks questions, training routines, correcting behavior and more.

Season 4 (episodes 35-49) covers the Horse's Body. Topics include forward motion, teaching whoa, disengaging vs engaging, improving steering, hot horses and more.

Episode 50 is a special episode discussing work life balance.

Season 5 is focused on tack and equipment.

Season 6 is focused on how I put these techniques and ideas into use with my horses.

Season 7 is listener Q&A.

Season 8 is interviews with other equine professionals.

Season 9 is Trail Riding!

Season 10 topics are around the Riders Mind.

Season 11 is listener Q&A.

Season 12 is going to the next level, collection, maturity, etc.

Season 13 brings many concepts together discussing physical awareness, skill confidence vs self confidence, patterns, being awkward, etc.

Season 14 discusses life coaching principals, goal setting, and other riders mind issues.

Season 15 is listener Q&A.

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About Stacy

Growing up, I shared a love of horses with my mother but neither of us knew what we were doing. Over the years we dealt with horses that wouldn’t load into trailers, wouldn’t pick up their leads and wouldn’t stand still to be mounted. I fell off more times than I could count and was bitten, stepped on and run away with before I was old enough to drive a car. There were many, many good times too. My favorite childhood memories all involve horses (and one ornery pony.)

It took me years to develop to the point where I became a successful competitor in a male-dominated industry. The beauty of this is that it proved that true strength is a mental game more than a physical one.

I believe in creating win-win-win relationships. I can show you how to reach your goals faster if you’re willing to put in the work. Whether you love trail riding, have goals of showing or would someday love to understand bridleless riding, I can show you the way.

…and yes I still clean stalls."


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