Episode 267- Dream bigger, measure backward, and let things count.

An important part of setting future goals is reviewing and learning from the past.

This episode includes an 8-step process for reviewing and learning from your past year, as well as in interview. Diana and Riece join me, and we discuss the lessons that can be learned from reviewing, which can be carried forward into the next year.

This episode is so full, it has a free downloadable guide to go with it!

Topics discussed include:

  • the potential fear of being overwhelmed with regrets during a year-end review
  • the difference in reviewing on a micro level (day to day) versus a macro level (year-end review)
  • the reality of adjusting timelines
  • the importance of looking back with compassion, avoiding self-blame, and understanding that decisions were made with the available information

How your habit of reviewing (or not reviewing) throughout the year is often reflected in your yearly review.
Now is the best time to begin to build the habits that will support your future dreams and goals. Download the free guide and get started today.

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