Our new building is going up & Day 7 with foals

building padOur new arena is going up! I love this first photo of the trees and the sky. You can see where the pad for the arena has been leveled and if you look closely up along the tree line (further away-opposite end from the truck) you can see the pad where our house will be. I love, love, love this location!

This photo was taken on Wednesday and the following one was taken today, Friday June 10th.


building postsThe sky isn’t as pretty in this post but you can really see the shape of the building now. It will be 70 feet wide and 248 feet long. I can’t wait to see the trusses go up next week! Watch for future updates.




Things are going well with the foals. I finally have the routine down and don’t need to read the recipe or check my lists. I do however need to come prepared to scratch and love on them! I did video them meeting the other horses over the fence but I haven’t had time to edit it together.

There are lots of other critters on the farm. You can see the guinea that is wandering through the pen in this photo. The chickens have figured out that the foals drop a lot of pellets so there is a small flock that makes their round daily. The mini donkey can be heard and the potbelly pig is nearby. I can see that Presto is gaining weight, although he needs more. Justice is setting a good example by eating every thing in sight.
silly foals

I’ll work on editing that video and be sure to post your questions here. Also if you want daily baby videos find me on Snapchat. You will have to download the app. Then someone said you can take a picture of this photo and Snapchat can find me, or you can search by the name. After the set up it is pretty fun! snap chat code



  1. Nancy on June 10, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    I can’t wait to be able to come for a clinic and ride the paths! Love the babies. I would adopt in a heartbeat but I can’t qualify. My fences are barbed wire. Would go to wood but don’t have the funds.

  2. Martina Braden on June 10, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Wow what an exciting time for all of you!! It is looking great!

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