Happy New Year!

Do you use groupon? I was recently sent an email from a friend containing as she put it ‘one resourceful ladies idea’. The lady, located in California, posted a deal on riding lessons. See below:

$30 for One-Hour Horseback-Riding Lesson ($60 Value)

  • Fun-with-horses-90_grid_6

Guess how many had sold with still one day left? Over 370! I hope they have more than just a few horses to pull that off!

My tip for the year-think outside the box. Happy New Year!


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  1. stonepony1s on January 1, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    370!!!? I barly have time to get done the normal things of life. We set Goals at church today for this year too. We want to read more scriptures. Give more service spend more time with family and witness more by our actions. So these are my new goals along with ride more and learn more about horses. I would love to win a class some time but I have to do my home/horse work first. What am I willing to give up to win at shows. Not much. I made that dicision a very long time ago. I am not willing to give up church on Sundays, time with my family or very much money. Goals are important. Defining them is important. Knowing what you are willing to give up or change in order to accomplish your goals is important too.

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