Episode 258: Choosing and Celebrating Success

In this episode of Stacy Westfall’s podcast, she delves into the concept of defining and celebrating success. Stacy reflects on why she didn’t mention Gabby’s recent winnings, contemplating whether it was due to societal pressures and fear of being labeled as bragging. She also highlights the importance of introspection, explaining that she didn’t share her winnings because her focus was on the lessons learned from smaller, more meaningful moments during her training with Gabby.

Stacy emphasizes the shift in her perspective about measuring success. Instead of fixating on external achievements, she now values personal growth and the journey with her horses. She believes that horses enjoy learning, whether it leads to showing or simply enhances their training.

The podcast episode is followed by testimonials from listeners who have implemented Stacy’s techniques in their horse training. They share stories of success and personal growth, illustrating the transformative power of understanding oneself and one’s horse. The episode underscores the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness when working with horses, emphasizing that this approach leads to a more fulfilling and successful partnership between horse and rider.

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