Episode 250: How to use your seat to cue your horse.

It is remarkable how well horses can learn to read a rider’s seat cues. 

In this podcast, I explain how I use my seat cues to communicate with my horses, including how these seat cues can naturally develop. 

A seat can:

Follow the motion
Get ahead of the motion
Get behind the motion
One hip bone can be more on top of the saddle-to the left or right
One hip bone can be leading or behind
These can be used in many combinations to communicate in detail with your horse. 

In this podcast, I start at the riders’ head, and talk all the way down to the seat bones. Listen first to get and idea…and the second time, sit on a chair, ball or a tolerant horse and follow along with my descriptions.

Show notes:
Equine Activity Ball by Weaver Leather:

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