Episode 248: Am I doing this right?

The questions you ask will impact the information you gather and your entire riding experience.

Often times, the question “Am I doing this right” Or “Is this correct?” is a lightly veiled, “Is this wrong?” or “This is probably wrong…” or some variation.

You’ll know by the way it feels in your body.

One way to improve your rate of learning is to ask high-quality questions.
High-quality questions are rarely answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
High-quality questions are more specific, and inside answering them, the solution is often revealed.

In this episode I outline when the question, ‘Is this correct?’ might be useful, and I outline clear criteria for when I ask it…and how I answer it.

I also explain why it isn’t a question I ask regularly, and the method of questioning that I find much more effective for increasing awareness and creating change.

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