Episode 24: Is Your Horse Being Creative?

“All horses can be creative if they're allowed to express it in healthy ways.” Stacy Westfall Click To Tweet

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This podcast is in response to a listener question. She asks, “what do you mean by a creative horse?” This is a great topic as we continue our season on the horse’s mind.

I’m very specific when I describe horses. I may say a horse has questions or a horse is creative.

I don’t want to describe a horse in a way that will pass judgment such as calling it a problem horse. A creative horse can be a horse that would traditionally be described as a problem horse, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

“It's important to let horses be creative because that is where their brilliance is found.” Stacy Westfall Click To Tweet

Show Notes

[03:16] Imagine you are a teacher asking questions. You will see a pattern in answers, but there might be some different answers from creative thinkers or people who see the question from a different angle.

[04:19] Trainers typically get the same answers from a horse. If a horse does something unusual, that’s creative.

[06:28] I’ve been consistently using the word ‘creative’ up till now to define a problem horse but all horses are creative. Yet, I want to encourage creativity in my horses, just not misbehavior.

[10:54] Stacy shares how Presto used creativity to get a large equine ball under his belly.

[12:43] It’s important to let the horses be created because that is where their brilliance is found.

[12:51] When you see a horse do something amazing, it means someone has allowed the horse to express their own brilliance.

[13:31] I teach horses to roll blue activity balls. They usually use their nose or their feet.

[15:16] Popcorn wants to be a kicker (he rolls the ball with his legs) but he is also ‘creative’ and catches the ball with his chin and knees, so no one can steal it.

[16:43] When you’re watching your horse, ask ‘how is he creative’.

“Horses will have some of their own unique ways of doing things.” Stacy Westfall Click To Tweet

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