Episode 229: “What do you do with your horse goals and dreams when life brings it to a halt?”

I received this question, decided to make it a podcast topic because I have recently experienced a significant setback that derailed my plans.

I see three types of life issues that can bring you to a halt.

1) Mindset issues: This can show up as fear, limiting beliefs, or EMOTIONS YOU WOULD PREFER TO AVOID. It often feels like resistance.

2) A temporary circumstance that derails your plans.
An example of this would be me breaking my hand in January and missing three months of riding.
This is a temporary situation that does truly take you off your planned path…
The biggest risk here is often that, although it is temporary,
my hand is going to become fully useful, and I will be able to continue on…
The greatest risk is that your mind might leave the facts of the situation, three month delay) and loop back into mindset issues.

3) The third type of life issue that can bring things to a halt is a circumstance that permanently closes a door. The death of a horse, for example.

When you hit a wall, or get derailed, it is tough to recover if you haven’t been practicing some type of emotional weight lifting with smaller things. The thought patterns you practice in the small things is what leads to the ability to keep going when the bigger things happen.


  1. Roz on April 8, 2023 at 12:36 am

    This is so me – I guess the mindset is my age not just that but I find I just can’t do as much – things seem to take longer. You haven’t experienced this yet Stacy but at 71 it appears even 10 years is a big change even if I don’t want to accept that.
    My horse is also 21 this year and although not lame, has an injury I have to be aware of – no jumping or eventing which are our passions. Well mine anyway – his is probably eating. So we have done various disciplines over the years – working equitation the more recent for several years but it doesn’t really ring my bell. So I have been STUCK for some time and your podcast seems very apt. We are looking at ranch riding, maybe stockman’s challenge, liberty, tricks, clicker training. There has to be something outbthere.
    Another problem is driving big distances- my problem because worry if get tired etc. We do trail riding too of course.
    Now the big thing is do I get another horse??
    So many decisions especially as have 2 shetlands – one of which I am
    Teaching to drive or would like to. So it comes down to good old time management which obviously I am not good at!
    I ought to look at your goal setting again!!
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated- Happy trails
    Roz 🐣. Happy Easter 🐣 to you Stacy 🐎👍🙏🥰

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