Episode 216: The base layer goal that will ensure your progress

What if achieving your goal was simple?

Not necessarily easy…as in requiring little effort.
But simple, as in, one thing you could do that would ensure progress.

Does your goal require that your horse develops a high level of fitness?

Or is it more focused on refining cues and communication?

Or does it include a balance of both?

Is your main challenge riding regularly? 

Or riding with more focus?

Or sticking to the plan you made?

What one thing could you set out to do…that if you did it repeatedly…would ensure progress toward your goal?

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  1. Roz on January 6, 2023 at 2:02 am

    How come I set one goal and then something similar crosses my path and subsequently confuses me as to which to take. Seems to happen so often to me.

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