Episode 209: The teacher and the student (human or horse)

Have you heard the statement, “There are no stupid questions.”
It’s a common saying because it’s a common problem.
Students fear asking a question because they would rather not appear stupid.
On the flip side, teachers also have the challenge of explaining things clearly, without reacting to the idea that a student might misinterpret this.

It is worth looking at both of these scenarios because it is very likely that you will find yourself in both roles: student and teacher.
As the teacher, do the hard work of going back and reviewing the basics whenever you think it would serve the student.
As the student, ask the questions that occur to you without pre-judging them yourself with labels like, “this is too basic, too simple, I’ll sound stupid asking…”

This is work worth doing to improve your human to human experience, and it can help you understand your role as teacher to your horse as well.
The good news is…your horse won’t worry about appearing stupid, AND will continue to ask the questions. What kind of teacher will you be?

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