Episode 206: How riders use planning against themselves or their horse

What is the point of planning your ride…if you don’t follow through on the plan?
And if you plan, but then ride without regard to your full experience in the moment, or your horse’s full experience…did the plan help or hurt?
In this episode, I share an example of a moment when I needed to re-evaluate my plan for the day. I explain how I decide to continue on with the plan or when and how I decide to stop, or even go back to review more basic skills.
I’ll explain the power of plateaus and how sometimes the best time to stop is when the plan is working brilliantly.


  1. Heather Wimer on October 26, 2022 at 5:03 pm

    I loved this podcast! When I think about adjusting a plan I think about that in the context of things not going well. In reality though, I’ve gotten pretty good at adjusting for that reason. I’m not so good at adjusting because everything is going great. Thanks for adding more layers to the way I think about things.

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