Episode 181- Three reasons it can be challenging to sit a horses lope

A listener asks how she can sit the lope or canter without popping out of the saddle. She says, “I seem to pop out of the saddle quite a bit…Some people ride so quiet in a saddle, others seem to come up out of the saddle as their horse moves. I can’t seem to sit to him as much as I try.”
In answering the question I discuss: how the horses build affects the rider, how the horses training level impacts their ability to ‘lift’ or carry a rider…and how if this is lacking it makes the horse difficult to ride smoothly, the stages where it is more approprate to sit lightly vs deeply…and several ways you can improve your seat.


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  1. Margine Henry on May 4, 2022 at 9:32 pm

    Stacy – I wished I knew what you know. I’ve ridden most my life without knowledge but got along. I’m currently 71yo & riding an 8yo mare. I don’t have the confidence on her that I have had on my old gelding the last 21 years. I used to love to canter but can’t get in sync with her. I know a lot of that is my hip pain & lack of confidence. She has a very nice trot but the canter is not collected. Advice?

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