Episode 136: Developing self awareness & independence when riding

How can you keep yourself safe and make good choices…when you know you are consciously incompetence? In this episode I explain how to develop self awareness while you are riding. Self awareness is key to be able to recognize the difference between fear vs danger. I also review the stages of competency, and the three teachers you have access to learn from, the importance of taking small steps when learning and identifying habit patterns that might be helpful…or not so helpful.

Links mentioned in podcast:

How to Embrace “Incompetence” in Dressage (Stages of competence):https://dressagetoday.com/theory/how-to-embrace-incompetence-in-dressage

Be Kind to Yourself: The wisdom of self-compassion. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/between-cultures/201802/be-kind-yourself

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