Episode 132: When would I start introducing collection to my horse?

“My horse has good basics. We can walk, trot and canter. The groundwork is good…what next? When would I start introducing collection?”
This is a discussion of collection including: what is collection? Is collection different in the western world vs dressage? I discuss the building blocks of collection such as shoulder control, transitions, moving hips and more!

Links mentioned in podcast:

The Complete Guide to Improving Steering & Teaching Neck Reining: Step-by-step instruction for understanding the training, learning correct rider aids, and creating excellence in steering

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  1. Rosa on May 28, 2021 at 12:59 am

    Great podcast, thank you Stacy. Comes at the right time for me, I’m struggling with my filly to get her collected.
    I’m originally a dressage rider but have now taken on reining which is my passion. My filly is getting very soft and broken at the poll, but I’m struggling getting her to lift her shoulders and withers.
    Your podcast is food for thought, so are your other episodes.
    Thank you for helping me ride my horse better.

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