Episode 126-Mental games for injured horses, clicker training Q&A

Today I’m answering two questions. The first is about an injured horse that is hand walking…his owner would like suggestions about maintaining other routines through groundwork.
The other question is about trick training…clicker training, loading the clicker, using the clicker when riding…and what is a trick anyway?

Links mentioned in podcast:

Jac…testing me: https://youtu.be/hYKM0IsHvp8

Jac asking me questions: https://youtu.be/3TXADWHo5SU


  1. Heather Stone on April 27, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    Super interesting,I think that we can all take alot from this podcast. Especially in regards to the finer details, whether or not you have an injured animal, another great way of communication between horse and rider/ owner. The small steps when you break them down can be so rewarding to both.

  2. Heather Wimer on April 15, 2021 at 2:06 pm

    I enjoyed this episode, as always! I recently was advised by my vet to give my mare some time off while she did treatment for some fairly severe ulcers. I decided to spend that time clicker training. I followed the Clicker Training 101 podcast from Horse Radio Network. My mare had been kind of a tough horse. Pressure can make her want to fight and I have had a tough time getting her to really buy into training. I had wanted to experiment with clicker training but just didn’t take the time. So with this forced break I decided to make it my new goal. I did 1-2 short sessions everyday for the 6 weeks we were off and now that we are starting back under saddle I’m using it under saddle as well. I am super excited with the results! My mare is way more engaged in training! I’m excited to see where this will lead and so glad that I didn’t just feel sorry for myself and let her sit there for the 6 weeks.

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