Does the phrase ‘goal setting’ make you cringe?

I talk a lot about setting goals.?
I’m aware that even using this phrase brings up negative emotion for some people.
Sometimes the idea of setting a goal brings up stress because you’ve set one in the past and failed to achieve your desired outcome…and you don’t want to feel that way again.
Maybe you set a goal in the past and others told you it was silly…or stupid, or unattainable for someone like you.
Or maybe you thought about setting a goal…and then YOU told yourself it was silly…or stupid, or unattainable for someone like you.

I’ve been there.?
I’ve heard that from others and I’ve said it to myself.
Now, I look back at who I was when I said those things to myself and feel compassion for where I was.
Now, I look back at the people who said those things to me and have compassion for where they were at the time.
Now, I won’t tolerate me, talking to myself, that way.
It’s not allowed.?
Now, I smile and walk away when someone says something similar like that to me.
They have their opinions.
I have mine.
And I’ve got my back.
Do you have yours?

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