Can you recommend an online show for a beginner with a gaited horse?

“My goals are not near as grand as yours, but one of my main goals with my mare is to compete in something. I have done a lot of ground work with her and have been working through your steering course. Can you recommend an online show that would be great for a beginner. I am an older woman who has never shown before. My mare is a Paso Fino.” -Laurie

Laurie…That’s so exciting!!!!

I can easily, happily recommend a western dressage show! They have classes specifically for gaited horses too!

You can see and print the tests from here:
Look at the intro tests.

Then do a YouTube search on for western dressage gaited. You’ll find a bunch!
Like this one:
or this:
or this:

While my goals may seem…or be…grand, keep in mind I’ve been doing this awhile so my goals have grown with my practice??


  1. Mary Lynne with The Backyard Horse Blog on January 23, 2021 at 10:57 am

    Hi, Stacy. I have another option to add for your reader. The organization, FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) sponsors a yearly gaited-only dressage show called “Gaits Wide Open”. It is held in conjunction with North American Western Dressage. That show features two “walk only” class options.

    I also ride gaited horses. I entered my Missouri Fox Trotter in one “walk only” class at last year’s Gaits Wide Open show. I used that experience to compose two posts for the blog I created titled “The Backyard Horse Blog.” If your reader would like, she is welcome to read those posts at


    I think online horse shows are such a fun option. I learned a lot from the judge’s comments and am working to improve myself for my horse. Whether we ride on an international stage or our own backyards, all of us riders can learn a lot from Western Dressage.

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