Congratulations to the Podcast Celebration Winners!


Katie won the headstall with her comment on Episode 104.

Rebecca won with her comment on Episode 102.

Pamela won with her comment on Episode 84.

Helen won with her comment on Facebook…

Alean won with her comment on Facebook…










  1. Roz Beinke on January 7, 2021 at 8:32 pm

    Hi Stacy
    I am always a bit slow and tend to miss your podcasts for a few weeks and then catch up on them – interestingly enough that is being inconsistent which is what I battle with. Mmmmm?.
    I have loved many of your podcasts, some more than others but in every podcast there is always something I pick up on. It’s a lot like your training videos/DVDs – I have bought the online ones – and it’s uncanny but there is always something I notice that I didn’t pick up on before in those. I fully intended to send you an email for Christmas but didn’t so this is it. Naturally I am only just now listening to the last 4 podcasts so missed the Christmas prizes but seeing as I live in Queensland, Australia, not an issue – LOL!
    I found it interesting that you are battling with the cold right now and your restrictions and here we are in high summer – hot, humid and wet – so it’s like we are experiencing similar riding constraints.
    I thought it was great when you got to 100 podcasts and wanted to congratulate you on that one. So glad you are continuing and having the name change. When you asked for feedback on doing the podcasts yourself, my initial reaction was wow, how much time does she have! Then you explained you had experts to explain and set it up for your even if that wasn’t perfect. You are a wonderful motivator and not just a trainer and I really get inspired watching and listening to you. Usually I listen to your podcasts on the way to meet friends for a ride – due to this heat, that has not been happening. I trained one pony from scratch but due to a constant injury (hers) , have not been able to complete her training. Sciatica and or joint issues. V sad as she is a stunning girl.
    I think being older, I find it hard to settle and complete things or even do new things – maybe it is just an excuse. Who knows? Hoping your family is well and all your horses – I loved the recent episode on training cycles – not just the physical side, but the mental side – I need to improve and enlarge on my rewarding – I have high expectations and often realise I do not reward as much as I should. Thanks for listening – kindest regards Roz

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