Celebration of Cowgirl Cupcake Breakfast with 2006 RTTH Champion Stacy Westfall

There are less than 30 day until Road to the Horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so many emotions surrounding this event that there are times I have trouble sorting them out. The first few times I attended as a spectator after being a competitor I was actually *shaking* during the round pen sessions. Knowing what it felt like to be in the pen and under the timer while balancing the needs of my horse was PRESSURE. I have so much I could share, so much I will share, about the event but today’s post is focused on two things; the Cowgirl Breakfast and Facebook Live.

Today I’m going to be on Facebook Live at 2:00 est talking about Road to the Horse. If you don’t make it, I hear there is a replay. I’m still new to this:)


An even better place to catch up with me to talk about the Road to the Horse is AT the Road to the Horse 2017 Cowgirl Breakfast!

They have been ordered! Click on the photo to watch a FREE video series sponsored by Tekonsha on trailer loading!

If you’re already coming to the event make sure you plan to come early. Tootie ordered the food…which means it will be AMAZING! The awesome part is that if you DON’T have tickets to the event you can still get in. They are charging a $10 per person at the door fee to cover breakfast instead of requiring you have a ticket. 

I’m also excited to announce that the first 50 people in the door for the breakfast will get a Stacy Westfall signature coffee mug! My awesome sponsor, Tekonsha, is providing the mugs and a really cool banner celebrating my partner from the 2006 Road to the Horse Popcorn! Yes, Popcorn will also be attending the event…but not the breakfast.

Below I have listed information from the Road to the Horse website and a video. It’s just a short clip but you can feel the excitement in the air that happens at Road to the Horse. She didn’t convince me to enter but she did get me to Host…which I think has me more worried than competing!

If you can’t make it to the event but would like to hear more please leave a question in the comment section here -OR EVEN BETTER- see the voicemail tab on the right hand side of this screen? Click and leave me a voicemail asking me your question. 

Below is information on breakfast:

Who better than the First Lady of Road to the Horse, Ms. Stacy Westfall, to start the Celebration of the Cowgirl with a once-in-a-lifetime personal Cupcake Breakfast on Thursday, March 23, 2017. All fans are invited to an up-close and personal experience with Road to the Horse 2006 World Champion, Stacy Westfall. Hear in her own words how she became the “The First Lady of Road to the Horse.” Full Event Schedule at: https://www.roadtothehorse.com/event-information/schedule


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  1. Debra Davis Davis on March 1, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    Have miss u..got another good horse for u..Jesse made me promise it to u. Double bred sonny dee bar..two year old filly..cowie..think u’d like her..kind if like my girls in PA.ive been lucky to buy some great horses..lol

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