7 steps to check saddle fit

Seven steps to check your saddle fit.

Step 1- how level does it sit?

Step 2- feel under the bars (front, middle, rear) is there excessive pressure? Is there a gap in the middle? If there is a gap, this is called ‘bridging’.

Step 3- with left hand under the front bar (shoulder area) put downward pressure with your right hand. Is the pressure excessive? Or distributed well?

Step 4- does the gullet of the saddle allow space over the withers?

Step 5- Place pad on horse. Does the saddle pad put pressure on the horse’s withers? I prefer a contoured pad that does not.

Step 6-Place saddle on pad. Is the pad holding the saddle off the back and putting pressure on the withers?

Step 7- pull the saddle pad up into the gullet of the saddle. Your hand should fit under the pad and gullet, you should be able to feel withers.

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