?Presto’s road trip continues

…can anyone guess where I’m headed today in Stratford, Vermont?
We have been traveling for a little over two weeks now and Presto is settling into new places quicker and quicker at each stop.
I normally ‘season’ my horses by going to horse shows…but it can also be done by visiting friends and new places. I’m really excited about our next stop in a few hours (post your best guess to where I’m going in the comments). Not only will I enjoy the stop but I’ll also learn more about Presto as he sees yet another part of the world.
When I get home I’m going to continue answering your questions about traveling with horses. Feel free to post your questions in the comments also… Although full disclaimer I plan on sitting around a fire eating chili in Vermont and possibly trail riding… So I might not get back to you real quick??
I’ve owned Presto now for four years. He has grown so much and I’m finally ready to start sharing his adventures. You can find all of his posts on my website (stacywestfall_com_)
What questions do you have for me about Presto?
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