Why didn’t Stacy Westfall own Roxy? Who did own her?


Ever wondered why Stacy didn’t own Roxy? Or Jac?

Meet Greg, the man who took a risk and bought Roxy for the Westfall’s to train. Greg went from trail riding and camping to owning one of the most famous horses in the world. What was that like and how did it happen?

Listen for: *

The reason why Stacy & Jesse didn’t buy Roxy.

  • *Why Stacy doesn’t have regrets
  • *Why Greg kept buying Roxy a secret…(I love Jesse’s response to that one, “Well, it turned out OK.”)
  • *The fact that Greg owns Roxy’s mother and full sister, two of Roxy’s daughters and Roxy’s granddaughter
  • *How many foals did Roxy have?
  • *Funny stories about owning Roxy….
  • *What was it like owning a famous horse?

Yesterday’s podcast was on selling horses. I got thinking about buying & selling videos…and this was a fun discovery. Now I’m riding Gabby, who is a granddaughter of Roxy.

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