Western dressage quarter and half pirouettes-Episode 18: The Trail to the World Show

This week I take you behind the scenes to one of my riding lessons. My goal at the lesson is to decide what classes to enter at the Western Dressage World Show. You get to see me practicing quarter pirouettes and half pirouettes.
I printed all of the tests from level 1-4 and took them with me.
While I rode my instructor, Jennifer Roth, had me ride specific movements that would come from different tests. This gave me clarity of which movements I understood and which ones I was unclear on.
One helpful moment was when I said, “I don’t like it when she hunts above the bit.” Jen was able to clarify that she was not getting too high. This is a great example of the idea that the way things ‘feel’ are often NOT aligned with what is really happening.
I will continue riding the tests at home to help determine which classes to enter at the show.
As I mention in the video, my goal has been to show at the Western Dressage World show. It is tempting to make this sound like I am controlling the outcome aka win at the show. I learned a long time ago that I cannot control the outcome. What I can do is do my best for and with my horses.
The challenging part is remembering to live this standard. It is tempting at this point to make it about ‘winning’ at the big show. I totally admit that would be great…but only if I can do it with respect for my horses.

In 2019 I plan on showing two of my horses in Western Dressage with the goal of showing at the Western Dressage World show in October.
Along the way, I am also training and showing in traditional dressage , reining and ranch riding with Willow and Gabby.
I’m going to be sharing my journey so anyone who is interested can learn along with me.

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