Western Dressage, Level 1 movements demonstrated

This video demonstrates the majority of the movements require in Western Dressage, Level 1, tests 1 through 4.
When I was getting started in Western dressage I often found the language on the tests to be slightly confusing because I did not have a background in dressage.
I made this video in the hope that it might help others who are getting started in western dressage and wonder what is expected.

I don’t claim that these movements are examples of the perfect movement. For example, my mare steps forward during the halt. I chose to leave the movements, flaws and all, because it accurately represents that she is at this level and likely to make some of these mistakes during her test.
Movements demonstrated include:
Half turn on haunches or pivot left, proceed working walk
Half turn on haunches or pivot right, proceed working jog
A-enter working jog, X-halt salute, proceed working jog
Working walk, free walk, working walk
20 meter working lope
15 meter working lope
10 meter working lope
Transition working lope to working trot
20 meter working jog
15 meter working jog
10 meter working jog
Working jog, lengthened jog, working jog
Working lope, X-working jog, proceed working jog
Working lope, X-change of lead through jog, proceed working jog
Half turn on forehand right (haunches left) proceed working walk
Half turn on forehand left (haunches right) proceed working walk
Working jog, halt, back 3-5 steps, proceed working jog
Counter lope, one loop 5 meters off the track maintaining right lead
A-C serpentine three equal loops width of the arena, working jog
Working jog, S-I half circle left 10 meters, I-R half circle right 10 meters
Working lope, S-K lengthen stride of lope, K-F develop working lope
E- circle left 20 meters lengthened lope
B half circle right 15 meters, leg yield left, quarter line to H, H working lope right lead
E half circle left 15 meters, leg yield right, quarter line to M, M working lope left lead

In 2019 I plan on showing two of my horses in Western Dressage with the goal of showing at the Western Dressage World show in October.
Along the way, I am also training and showing in traditional dressage , reining and ranch riding with Willow and Gabby.
I’m going to be sharing my journey so anyone who is interested can learn along with me.

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