Video: Challenging Conversations with a Horse

Yesterday’s podcast was titled ‘Challenging Conversations with Your Horse’.

In this video, Jac demonstrates this concept.

At this point I had been working with Jac for 20 minute (see episode 1).
Jac mentally switched gears and began exhibiting boredom and frustration with his body language as he doesn’t understand what I’m trying to communicate. I often visualize this as the horse learning to speak another language…it can be challenging, especially in the beginning.
I explain how I interpret the pawing, introducing the stick and string, horse respecting a person’s body space, horse’s emotions, how long to work with a horse, when it is a good time or bad time to stop working with a horse and funky chicken dance moves



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  1. Nylon Halters on June 5, 2021 at 3:13 am

    Nice video. I really enjoyed seeing the horse’s reactions.

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