The most difficult transition we do with a horse: Episode 9-The Trail to the World Show

In this video I discuss transitions of speed, gait…and the most difficult transition I believe we do with horses. Teaching horses to accept contact, loose rein, and contact again is difficult. Practicing transitions inside of gaits (jog to extended jog) is just as important as transitions between the gaits (trot-canter).
I knew my weekend plan was ambitious…show two different horses, in two different events, at two different shows in the same weekend. What I didn’t count on were the rest of the ‘challenges’ life was going to throw at me.
The weekend stretched my comfort zone…almost to a breaking point. While this was uncomfortable, I know that it is preparing me for bigger things.

In 2019 I plan on showing two of my horses in Western Dressage with the goal of showing at the Western Dressage World show in October.
Along the way, I am also training and showing in traditional dressage , reining and ranch riding with Willow and Gabby.
I’m going to be sharing my journey so anyone who is interested can learn along with me.

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