Horses & cats…friends?

?Presto is curious about everything…including our cat, Marble. ?
I love watching horses interacting with other horses, but I also love watching horse interacting with other animals.
?The relationship between Presto and Marble is slowly developing. Presto has a tendency to approach very strong…with horses, people, cats, etc.
Marble used to run when he did this.
I can’t say I blame her.
When Presto approached horses with this method… his second move was often a small nip.
Things are changing though. Presto is now four and he is noticing how relationships work. He is really curious about Marble but he has also noticed that if he wants to get close…there are certain rules he must follow.
❌No pushing.
❌No nipping.
❌No sudden movements.
Presto is still fairly bold…but Marble is changing too.
She is noticing that when he approaches…he isn’t nipping.
She is noticing that he isn’t pushing.
She is tolerating him more…or maybe she is even becoming a bit curious about him.
?I even caught her ‘kissing’ him on the nose the other day! I was a bit late on the draw with the cell phone but I did capture a short moment of it. I’ll post it in the comments below.
What ‘other’ animals do you have in the barn?
What have you noticed about their relationships?
I’ve owned Presto now for four years. He has grown so much and I’m finally ready to start sharing his adventures. You can find all of his posts on my website (stacywestfall_com)
What questions do you have for me about Presto?
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  1. Jan McDougald on November 5, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    Loved your article. I now realize that my now three year old filly, Gigi, may have had some of the same babyish behavior as she was weaned early. I actually promoted some of these behaviors thinking they were cute. Definitely the wrong thing to do! I’ve been working on her emotional control with a local trainer. We’ve both come a long way and are continuing that path. Thank you for your wonderful insight.

  2. Carol on November 4, 2020 at 8:32 pm

    My mule chases dogs, but she loves cats! She lets them rub on her muzzle : ) She’s intrigued by pigs, too.

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