Frozen Fjord…

Frozen Fjord? Almost. ❄️

I’ve had the chance to do some cool things with horses.? ?

This is from a few years ago at Asbury University and the horse is Felicity’s Sean.

❓Do you know the horses name from Frozen?

A friend just told me it is Sitron which means lemon. Is this true? ?

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  1. Anne Kathrine Leksoe on April 2, 2021 at 3:27 pm

    Hi Stacy.
    Yes – the name of the Fjord in Frozen is Sitron, which may be a reference to “lemon”, which is spelled Citron in Danish, Swedish and Norweigan. The fjordbreed is also nicknamed “nordbagge” – however, it has a bit of a condescending meaning, since “bagge” translates into “small and heavy/round”. Calling a Fjord “nordbagge” is kinda like calling an Irish Cob “Tinker”.

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